Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hi My Creative Friends!  So, it has been quite a bit of time since I posted here.  I made these little treats for my friends and my students at work.  Just a little something to let them know they are special to me tomorrow.  As usual, I didn't create the idea on my own.  I got the idea off of pinterest and then put my own twist to it.  I'm so sorry, I don't remember when I saw it or who's blog I got it off of.  BUT IT WASN"T MY IDEA.  I wish I could give credit where credit is due.  The sentiment I typed on my Silhouette is from My Creative Time's Stamp set I have.....Miss Emma is soooo cute and I just love her sayings.  I have been using this one for years!!!!!  But I had to make too many to stamp! (75) Had to do it on my cameo for efficiency. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to get back in the game of crafting and sharing. :)  Hugs to you all.  Hope you like my little creations. :)

May you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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