Thursday, January 5, 2012

Craft Room Quote---Cut using my New Silhouette Cameo with Vinyl

-Hello My Creative Friends!  Well, its 1AM....which is WAAAAY past my bed time.  But I finally finished!  It took me a while to get it the way I would like it.  I am sooo super excited.  I finally like it!!!!  I just needed  a little uninterrupted time....with no, "Mommy, I'm hungry.....Mommy, will you play Go Fish with Me? etc, etc, etc")  Although, I adore my Little Man, L.T., I can't learn new things with him in the room.  I'm just not that talented.  I need complete silence to figure stuff out....
Anyhoo, I'll stop rambling and let you see what I did.  Again, this is not my quote, I scraplifted it off of someone else's blog.....but I just love it and it is soooo PERFECT for a craft room! 
And  a big THANK YOU to my friend Kathleen for her suggestions.  Hope you like it Kathleen!

Silhouette Cameo Cutting System
Fonts:  Harlow Solid Italic
Snap ITC
Oh My Crafts! Vinyl
Goodnight all!  I'm finally going to bed!  Yipee!


  1. Wow Bestie!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Love you and miss you!!!

  2. I love it! It looks awesome!

  3. This turned out AWESOME!!! I love this sentiment and it looks great in white. I'm so glad you got it to work =)

    lots of love,


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